Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dr. Appointment Update

Well, here is the dilly-o.

I put on a pound, bringing my grand total to 34 pounds. My cervix has thinned out even more, and I was still a solid 2, but the head is way lower. Yup. I can feel that lol! My blood pressure and urine fine. Baby had a heart rate of 148 bpm. He said my baby has maxed out the capacity in my belly. I think by that he means I am measuring ahead a bit. He stirred the pot so to speak on my OK. Fine with me. If baby wants out tonight, baby will come out. If not, we wait.

He asked me what I wanted to do, I said I would be happy to wait to see when the baby comes out, on 'baby's time'. I said I am feeling good and I am in no rush. He said that is fine, but he said if next week at my appointment I am a good 3 cms with a bulging bag he would want to induce me by breaking my water. I said that is fine as we did that with great success with the last two kids. But we both feel that I would most likely not deliver at home if I were to just go naturally. Usually it takes a bit of time for my labours to kick in. So we go with that. And, thankfully the hospital is very close by too. And, so is my doc.

So, for now...that is all I can tell you. My doc has bets placed on a little girl (around 7 lbs 9 oz!) He thinks it would be cool for Cameron to say he has 5 little sisters. I think he is right. He is holding out for a boy for Cliff and Cameron right now, but doesn't think it is a boy! Me either.


Kerry said...

I swear...the suspense is killing me!!! Love the fact that the baby is maxed out the room in the belly, time to move to larger digs!

I'm still on the boy team!

Mrs. Merriman said...

It is killing me too!! We are ready for you baby! LOL... easy for me to say!

I am on the blue team, too! xo

PamnPat'sParadise said...

I wrote something earlier - darn computers anyways!!

I've been on the blue team since the beginning so I'm still thinking blue.

Won't be long now and the waiting will be over. I can't wait!!!

Yvonne said...

I'm chanting BOY BOY BOY!! All the best Cathy!

Allyson said...

I wrote what I thought was your fist comment yesterday, what happened? Did you delete me-ha ha.
All I probably said was, Pappa and Nanny cannot wait to cradle this lovely new child in our arms, adore it, and love it very, very much. Be kind to your momma and poppa Wee-C! xxx